Comfortable Living

Loplus@Hennessy Serviced Apartments

All suites are fitted with ample natural lighting for comfortable and cozy living.

Attention to detail, each window is made of laminated glass, which ensures every apartment exudes tranquillity, despite the hustle and bustle outside.

Ensure Hygienic Stay in Hong Kong by Choosing a Serviced Apartment

Your next visit to Hong Kong should not only be exciting but also hygienic. This requirement becomes even more important if you are visiting the place with your children and/or the elderly. Therefore, without any delay, you should book for yourself a hong kong apartment rent. These apartments are fully furnished living spaces with healthy environment that promise germ free living. Read on to learn how the apartments rent in hk maintain such high level of hygiene:

Provision for natural healthy air

A rental apartment has windows in every room. Even if you choose a one-bedroom apartment, you need not worry about ventilation. The windows are strategically placed, which encourage free flow of air throughout the room. Moreover, the air conditioning system in every rental apartment is of superior quality, which successfully removes stale air allowing fresh air to enter the apartment. In this way, the service apartments are safe for both kids and senior people.

Plenty of natural light

It is now well known that natural light is good for health. Sunlight is known to possess Vitamin D and other health-benefitting elements, which will help you feel energetic, increase your appetite, and encourage better quality sleep. The hong kong apartment to rent is built is such a way so that it receives maximum sunlight. In fact, even during winter, you will find the rooms of your rental apartment to be well illuminated. All you need to do is remove the curtains and let the natural light seep in.

Noise elimination

As you soak in the sunlight in your hong kong apartment rent, you need not be disturbed by the hustle bustle of the city. The windows have laminated glass, which does not allow outside noise to penetrate inside the apartment. Therefore, by keeping the windows closed, you can enjoy the pleasant sunlight in your hk apartment rent with complete peace of mind.