Hotels provide excellent amenities but take away the warmth and care that a tourist craves after spending a few days in a city. Hong Kong offers a variety of places to visit and explore and chances are you would be spending more than a couple of days here. Instead of being cooped up in a hotel room, you could go for a service apartment. A corporate apartment is a spacious residence where you can relax and enjoy the feel of being at home. As per your preference, you could choose the number of rooms in a wanchai service apartment. With more rooms available in a causeway bay service apartment, you need not keep your things tidy all the time and can keep them scattered just as you would do in your actual apartment.

wanchai serviced apartments: A great option for families

When you take your kids on a vacation, you need to accommodate them in your own hotel room, this arrangement steals away precious moments that you could spend with your beloved. By going for a wanchai service apartment, you could let your kids have a room to themselves while you and your loved one can stay in the master bedroom. serviced apartments also have bathroom/s and kitchen/s, which is perfect for large families. A big corporate apartment comes with 2 or more bathrooms. Hence, by allocating a separate bathroom in a central service apartment for the kids, you can have one for you and your spouse/partner. Moreover, as a kitchen in a central service apartment has a stove, microwave and refrigerator, you can also cook a family meal. If you are taking along your parents of advanced age, then by choosing causeway bay service apartment, you can ensure their safety. They can stay in the same causeway bay service apartment but in a different room. Cleaning the corporate apartment is not an issue because wanchai serviced apartments offer housekeeping services. Either the central service apartment will have a relaxed cleaning schedule or you could call the cleaners whenever you feel the need.