Service apartment rentals are most affordable when you are making a trip to Hong Kong. If until now, you have been staying only in hotels, this time choose a serviced apartment in HK and enjoy comfortable living. These apartments are devoid of the gaudy embellishments of a hotel room but they score better when factors like comfort, hygiene, and space are concerned, which are the most important ingredients for contemporary living.

Check company website of serviced apartments

In Hong Kong, you can select an apartment with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. For learning the number of rooms available, you should visit the company website. It will show you the pictures of actual rooms of the apartments. Hence, you will know in what kind of surroundings you will be staying in Hong Kong. In case of any questions, you can also contact the company by e-mailing them or making a phone call.

Experience contemporary living

The service apartments have balconies, terraces, as well as ample open spaces. You could use the place for reading a book, strolling or just relaxing in quietude. The kitchens of these apartments are fully functional with appliances like dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. Therefore, even if you decide to cook for yourself, you need not spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen. Most apartments also offer washing machine, which is highly useful if you have kids, whose clothes need washing frequently. In short, not only does the apartment promise comfortable living, it also cuts down on costs.

Learn apartment rentals and then select

Unlike hotels, the apartment rentals are clearly mentioned on the company website. The rates vary in terms of space but less space does not compromise on contemporary living. In case, there are any additional charges, it is also mentioned. In this way, you can create a budget with confidence and enjoy comfortable living in Hong Kong without burning a hole in your pocket.