Opt for serviced apartment and enjoy excellent facilities

For those, who prefer to travel in style, they should go for hong kong apartment rentals. These apartments to rent hong kong are a class apart because of their immaculate services and modern facilities. Even though you will be away from your home, you will not have to compromise on your high standard of living. The hong kong apartment rentals are designed and ornamented to suit the taste of the sophisticated traveller.

Contemporary architecture

The apartment for rent hong kong are designed by professional architects and that is why they are so stylish. On entering the premises, you will realize how the space has been used wisely. The windows invite fresh air and sunlight into the apartment. Moreover, the bathrooms have the classiest sanitary ware. Regular cleaning of the short stay apartments in hk keeps everything sparkling and you may just feel like going for a relaxing bath.

Impressive decor

All the rooms of the apartment have been decorated with a view to providing warmth to the guest. You will find the shade of the walls matching aesthetically with the color of the furnishings. With such harmony, you will feel tempted to spend a lot of time in the apartment for rent hong kong. Many guests even arrange for parties and meetings at their apartments. Surely, with décor so gorgeous, you would want to invite people over to your apartment.

A ready to use kitchen

Take a break from eating out by opting for cooking in the operational kitchen. You will find it stacked with essential utensils as well as important gadgets like microwave, refrigerator, blender, etc. As these short stay apartments in hk are located close to local markets, you can purchase vegetables and spices conveniently. The appliances are clean and ready for you to cook lip-smacking dishes with vegetables and different kinds of spices.

Term of Licence

Minimum 1 month

Extension of Stay

Minimum 7 days

Management Fee and Rates


Security Deposit

For licence period less than 6 months  – equivalent to one month’s licence fee

For licence period of 6 months or more – equivalent to two months' licence fee

Legal Cost

Each party bears its own legal cost and disbursements